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We work with your fosterers, adoption counselors, volunteers, and staff as appropriate, designing and helping to implement plans most likely to deliver a positive result for each dog, fosterer, and adopter.


We work with your volunteers, adoption counselors, fosterers, and staff as appropriate, designing and helping to implement plans most likely to deliver a positive result for each dog and adopter.  

Animal Welfare & Protection Organizations

We work with your board & staff at all levels as needed, clarifying mindset and methodizing approach to the organization's activities on behalf of animals.

Veterinary & Other Animal Service Providers

We work with you and your staff  to develop win-win-win strategies whereby your clients and their animals feel safe and comfortable with you, easing your stress levels and theirs while simultaneously increasing their trust in you. Client relations, community reputation, and quality of work life can be significantly improved as a result.

Education & Training Institutions

We provide humane education and training, either group or individual, or a combination. 



TFDP also offers assessment services to help identify and remedy any potential areas of weakness

in our clients' programs that may be limiting their abilities to best serve the needs of disadvantaged animals.

The Fearful Dogs Project is committed to anti-aversive policies and practices

and therefore reserves the right to decline work on projects where this commitment would not be honored.