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"We adopted Memphis -a six year old Mini-Aussie/Border Collie cross- one year ago, and she had spent around five months in the shelter by then.  We know that she was given a lot of love and care at the shelter, but her life with previous owner/s has always been a mystery . . . .  Memphis became very attached to only one member of the family,  and would suffer of severe separation anxiety.  So we decided to do something about it, and learnt about Fearful Dogs Project.  We can say that our lives with Memphis changed for the better, thanks to our sessions with Rain!  From the very beginning, Rain listened carefully and got to understand how we interacted with Memphis, how she behaved, our routines... Her good suggestions helped from the get-go, and improvement was evident very quickly.


I liked the fact that the training could be done in a remote environment.  I checked online first and could find several trainers in my area, however none of them gave me the confidence that I needed, to hire their services.  I was really afraid that some drastic methods would be applied, and I did not want any of that. Finding [The Fearful Dogs Project] website was really encouraging, as I thought that my family and I needed more tips to deal with my dog's problems, rather than having my dog be trained to change her ways.  So the fact that we could talk with Ms. Jordan remotely, to find solutions, was just fantastic.  Rain was always very accommodating with the schedules. I also found very helpful that she was willing to get questions and send replies outside of the scheduled time, and she even set aside some personal time AFTER our training period, to see how we were doing.  


Finally, she also sent us the videos of our sessions, so that a member of my family who was unable to participate at the scheduled time, could watch and learn as well.


My wish is that more people get to know about the [Fearful Dogs] Project, because I think that both dog owners and doggies would benefit.  I just feel lucky that I had time to research carefully, and did not go with the first "trainer" that I found in my area.  


We can have the best of intentions, but sometimes it takes someone with knowledge on the topic AND love for pets, to get results and improve the quality of life of the whole in the family.  Thank you Rain!"

All the best,

Liliana Blanco

Ottawa ON

"Having a fearful dog, this course furthered my understanding of my dog’s emotions and well-being. The program is very well organized and structured to help you grasp the concepts and put them into practice. I love the hands on aspect working with a dog, because every dog is unique and works at their own pace, but you get the advantage of seeing and experiencing the changes in the dog’s emotional state while working through each step.  Everything is laid out in small increments to help you and the dog achieve. Rain is very supportive and provides guidance and feedback along the way, you can feel her passion behind the program. If you are working in a shelter environment or rescue facility, adopted a dog, are a dog trainer, or want to learn more about working with fearful dogs, this course is an invaluable part of your repertoire to working with fearful dogs who need extra time, care and understanding their needs.”    

             - Reanna Ali

Less than two years ago I signed up for training with Rain Jordan and the Fearful Dogs Project at the shelter where I volunteer as a foster mom.  I had previously worked with fearful dogs, but the knowledge I gained from the program was incredibly helpful and logical.  Part of the program was working with a dog in my home with individual and specific guidance.  I can honestly say my skills were greatly improved.  In fact, I now focus almost exclusively on the most needy in the shelter. My passion was definitely expanded by Rain’s expertise and training techniques.  I will be forever grateful for her passion and abilities.               

Janet Richardson

"Very worthwhile. This course makes the process of helping a fearful dog something that I feel I can now do and not feel overwhelmed by how much the dog needs help; to look past where the dog was and to see where the dog can go and what the dog can be. I was certainly aware of anti-aversives before this course, but now I see the world a bit differently; a bit more sympathetically. It has helped me to observe dogs even more acutely, to really try to understand how they are feeling and see their situations. The step-by-step instructions for working with an extremely fearful dog are detailed and thoughtful."    

  - Susan Wetherell

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