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Here are five ways you can help to expand the safety, happiness, and well-being of companion canines:

1:  If you'd be proud to be a humane hero and lasting star for innocent at-risk dogs, consider funding our scholarship program. You might choose to fund one scholarship, one type of scholarship, or even a group of scholarships.  Your $3000 donation funds a full advanced level scholarship, your $1500 donation funds an intermediate level scholarship, and your $750 donation funds a foundational beginner's level scholarship . All scholarships are designed to give humane dog caregivers the knowledge and skills needed to ensure dogs are safe, feel safe, recover from trauma, and enjoy lifelong wellbeing.

2: Be a legacy for innocent, at-risk dogs by funding a Legacy Gift or Endowment to ensure TFDP's life-protecting programs are  accessible not only now, but long into the future.  

3: Join the Fearful Dogs Shield Club. By subscribing to the Fearful Dogs Shield Club, you are setting up an ongoing, monthly donation in any amount you choose. The amount is automatically deducted monthly and then sent to TFDP, via PayPal. A link to subscribe with a set monthly  amount of your choice is below.

TFDP's comprehensive programs provide the vital help available nowhere else. Whether as a scholarship fund donor, a legacy donor, or a member of the Fearful Dogs Shield Club, your donations help ensure that The Fearful Dogs Project® keeps and expands its programs available to those in need. 

Shield Club options start at only $5 / month. Use the dropdown menu below to choose your monthly gift.

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Disadvantaged Dogs Need You, Too.

4. Donate your time or expert services. Sometimes we need the help of specific experts, while other times we simply need energetic, outgoing  supporters to help with outreach and other important efforts.  If you can donate at least an hour a week, drop us a line.

5. Make a Grant to The Fearful Dogs Project via your Donor-Advised Fund.  The Fearful Dogs Project is a program of the 501c3 charity Protect Them All (46-4410687).  You may direct the funds using this form:  

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