In addition to offering our programs to the general public and professions, The Fearful Dogs Project trains qualified behavior consultants and trainers in effective, anti-aversive services designed specifically for fearful dogs and their caregivers.  Contact these professionals for specialized in-person or online assistance. Every Certified Fearful Dogs Professional signs an anti-aversives code of conduct & ethics agreement. Though a person can change, we feel these agreements are an important self-confirmation of each certificant's commitment to truly humane work and against pain, force, fear, and intimidation.

(Note: With the exception of the instructor, these professionals are private service providers, not employees or volunteers of The Fearful Dogs Project.)

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Rain Jordan - Oregon, USA,  & online in all states/some countries

Certified Behavior Consultant & Trainer


CFDP Program Instructor/Mentor

Expert Canine LLC

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