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TFDP's Fear Abatement Mastery (FAM) program is the most humane, comprehensive program for traumatized & fearful dogs.
Begun in 2014, the program is continually expanded & refined. Available nationally & in some countries.

The FAM program offers powerful opportunities for those who are serious about achieving the most humane & effective skills to help fearful, traumatized, feralized, and other disadvantaged dogs.  Created by our founder, the FAM program relies on an enduring Dog Centric Attitude to go along with the expertise gained in the program. After all, what good is fearful dog expertise if it isn't focused on the dog?

The FAM program is designed to provide not just information, but transformation.

Beginning & Intermediate Levels of the program are for anyone not seeking certification, such as private dog owners in need of help.

The Advanced Level of the program is for those seeking certification, including professional trainers and behavior consultants, veterinary staff, shelter staff and volunteers, and more.


Beginner's Program (for dog guardians)

Private, one to one lessons via live video conference, designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Investment: Varies.  Contact us to inquire.

You may also wish to inquire directly with our fear experts 


Intermediate Program 

The Canine Fear Abatement self-study course (provided in partnership with Canine Fear Solutions) offers crucial elements & instructions necessary for humane work with fearful dogs. To pre-enroll, complete the course agreement here. We'll notify you when the next round is offered.

When resources allow, we offer Low Income Seniors, ND, BIPOC, & LGBTQ partial scholarships
for Beginner's (prioritized) and Advanced programs.  Qualified persons may apply here.

In addition, the Amy Holman Scholarship Fund offers at least one full beginner's scholarship per year.

Advanced Program - Certification Track (private mentorship-based)

The advanced program is the path to gaining fear abatement & avoidance expertise 

by becoming one of the select few Certified Canine Fear Abatement Experts (CCFAE).

 Apply here for the certification track program.

Certificaton Options

The advanced certification program enrolls on an as-accepted basis. Space is limited.

Apply here


I’m not a professional trainer or animal worker. Is there a program appropriate for me?

Yes! Because there are very few opportunities for serious, comprehensive learning about fearful dogs, we feel it is important to include everyone who has or might someday have contact with a disadvantaged dog. The beginning and/or intermediate programs are open to all.

I'm seeking a professional trainer, or I am a professional trainer. What makes TFDP's offerings better than other programs?​

There are very few experts in extreme fear abatement and trauma recovery in dogs.  While a huge, rich, monopolistic organization might purport to give you what you want easier and cheaper, there's a reason it's easier and cheaper: It's not rigorous, not comprehensive, not anti-aversive, and furthermore, there, "certified" means only that the person viewed a very simple, pre-recorded webinar style course online course.  On the other hand, with TFDP, pet parents know they are getting the most humane, comprehensive, and personal guidance while pet professionals and your clients know that you studied carefully, worked hard for, and proved your expertise -- and therefore unequivocally earned your title.   The "Certified Canine Fear Abatement Expert" title awarded by The Fearful Dogs Project means something valuable and crucial: That you offer solid expertise gained by serious study directly under the guidance of an expert mentor, through months of rigorous, one on one instruction, coaching, and supervision, and by passing, with an A or better grade, challenging observed, written, and oral examinations. 

Are there in-person options?

Pre-COVID, physical in-person programs were available. As of March 2020, physical in-person has been paused. Instead, in-person live video-conference options are in place. We will begin physical in-person options again once there is no health threat. 


Is there a payment plan?

Currently we are not able to offer payment plans.

TFDP programs are taught by canine fear abatement expert Rain Jordan, CBCC-KA, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, for The Fearful Dogs Project.

Have a question?  Email us or her.

What We Do

The Fearful Dogs Project offers a comprehensive program of learning in order to equip you to best help fearful dogs, including feral dogs, puppy mill survivors, and others. We cover the philosophy that underlies the program, as well as theory and activities that comprise the best practices for working or living with this population of dogs.

Who the Program is For

Pet parents and pet professionals are welcome. Canine behavior consultants, dog trainers, veterinary staff, rescue, sanctuary, & shelter staff, fosterers & other volunteers, groomers, dog daycare owners, boarders or sitters, pet store staff, animal welfare & protection organizations, delivery workers, animal control officers, police officers, etc.

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