Stop wasting crucial, potentially life-saving time and start getting the help you and your companions need.

Do any of these items describe you?

  • You long for resolution to the needless suffering of companion animals, but you're not quite sure how you can help make that can happen, and you worry that a mistake could somehow result in costing dogs their lives.

  • You've taken a lot of classes but most were too basic, too complicated, or not specific enough for your needs.

  • You’re afraid that you won’t be accepted as a skilled fearful dogs specialist and that therefore your chances of helping them will be very limited.

  • The idea of so many sweet, innocent, full of potential dogs with no one qualified to humanely help them depresses you.

  • You fear that your limited work experience or previous aversives use may negatively effect your reputation.

  • Your worst nightmare is that you will pour your time, energy, and hard-earned money into tackling this process then still have to do another process all over again, either because some new ‘thing’ arises in the dog training world or you just didn’t understand the program.

  • You are a proactive learner who is teachable and willing to embrace the strategies and insights necessary to becoming an expert in fearful dog work—and you are willing to consistently, patiently implement what you learn.

If so, let’s talk!

Hi, I'm Rain Jordan, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, TFDP founder, and Certified Fearful Dogs Professional Instructor/Mentor. I've worked with troubled dogs since 2007, and since 2014 it's been my job to:

  • Help scared dogs become comfortable and confident around previously frightening stimuli

  • Help people feel confident and comfortable around fearful dogs

  • Help people understand how their choices effect the behavior of others and how to steer those choices humanely and effectively.

  • Help people manage multiple dog environments while helping scared dogs and avoiding marginalization of the other dogs in the environment

  • Help people transform disadvantages into opportunities

  • Help people flip the script on past experiences and beliefs, creating more positive futures

  • Help people differentiate between crucial interventions and meaningless ones.

  • Help people turn negative emotions and behavior into positive emotions and behavior

  • Help people to encourage client compliance in training/behavior plans while inspiring buy-in

  • Help people ensure they are best leveraging their skills and knowledge while still ensuring a study of one and building of trust-based relationships

  • Help people overcome frustration and sadness, find relief, and increase enjoyment of their beloved companion animals


Want to know if you're a match for the program?

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