The epidemic failure in the way many people approach fearful dog behavior is that they keep trying to get the dogs “used to” things, either by overexposure or variations of force and coercion. But just as we humans don’t “get used to” spiders or other phobias by others insisting on closing the distance between us and them, our dogs don’t get better that way either.  Instead, the way to achieve true success with these dogs is to learn all the best practices for helping them feel safe. If you want to be part of the solution, whether for your own dog or for the rescued and adopted dogs of the world, you are in the right place with The Fearful Dogs Project. We’ll walk you through turning patterns of suffering into patterns of comfort, dramatically improving quality of life for everyone involved.

Fear in companion animals is a surprisingly common phenomenon. Many caregivers of these animals find themselves unable to have visitors, or to take their dogs outside the home, or even leave home themselves, while others are devastated to realize that their newly adopted dog doesn’t want to be approached, let alone petted and cuddled. People trying to care for extremely fearful dogs often are told the falsehood that they should make the dog accept things that scare them, and some find themselves resorting to  inefficient crowdsourcing for help with their own or their clients' dogs, because the commonly-touted tactics simply are not humane and effective long-term.  Unfortunately, too often that leads to the dog being surrendered or even worse.  TFDP offers an effective, humane program for solutions to lead you toward truly transformative results.



A scared dog is often euthanized when caretakers face inability to remedy fear responses. The Fearful Dogs Project provides expertise and step by step instruction in alleviating and avoiding fear in dogs, so that dogs and people may enjoy safe, humane lifestyles and happy dog-human matches.  Contact us now to plan your Fearful Dogs Project program.







The Fearful Dogs Project  strives for every dog a safe and safe-feeling place, free from pain, discomfort, threat, fear, force, and intimidation. A place of affirmation and cooperation. A place where diligent, skilled, honest, respectful, kind, and gentle participants strive to do the very best for each other and for those entrusted to them. A place through which previously traumatized, frightened, or feral residents may grow to feel comfortable, more confident, and happy in situations where previously they would have not only feared but possibly shut down, fled, or fought.  A place where humans become beacons, carrying firsthand stories of how a little extra time and effort can transform a dog with seemingly insurmountable behavior challenges into a wonderful companion. ​Where highly skilled caretakers become a truly new generation of voices  for the humane, ethical treatment, handling, and training of needy animals and the humans who care for them.




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